Why join us?

What does it mean to work at AISI? Being a part of some of the most interesting team and projects. Helping your clients and colleagues create innovative, game-changing strategies. Develop innovative solutions for some of the world’s leading companies, in a team-oriented environment that offers variety and intellectual challenge. Learn valuable skills and enjoy unparalleled career, training and educational opportunities, with financial and other rewards linked to your growth and performance.

AISI offer a holistic career path with well-defined roles, responsibilities and objectives. On a regular basis you get to work in strategic transformation programs as well as innovative technology implementation projects. The work environment is conducive for productivity yet perfectly offers the ideal work-life balance.

For Students after graduation

Real-life work experience is more important than ever for computer science majors, but finding a well-run, high-value internship program that results in a full-time IT job post-graduation can be both challenging and time-consuming. Internships are typically off-campus, which can pose scheduling and transportation challenges

Even the best internships aren’t guaranteed a full-time job offer upon graduation. Many internships are for short periods of time: a semester, summer or academic year which can make training rushed and leave students feeling like they’ve barely scratched the surface

Experience the many benefits of working for AISI, including:

Interact with and learn from seasoned professionals from Day One

Substantial, long-term experiences

Get paid – and paid well – to learn on the job

Jobs are flexible and convenient to the lifestyle of students

100-percent placement rate after graduation and training

Gain real-world experience using cutting-edge technology

Work – and network – with like-minded students