Referral Program

Employee Referral Program

At AIS, we have found that employee referrals are an effective way for recruiting top-notch employees.

If you refer a person who then is hired and remains in the job for at least six months, you may receive a reward up to $2,000, less applicable taxes. To receive this reward, you must be employed by AIS when the reward payment is made.

Who Can Make a Referral?

You are eligible to make an employee referral if you are not involved in the hiring process for the referred candidate. Office of Human Resources staff members is not eligible.

What types of jobs are eligible for this reward program and what is the reward?

All positions currently open may be eligible for employee referral rewards:

You can review current openings at Current Opening with AIS

Who can be referred?

Candidates are eligible for employee referral provided they:

  • are not currently employed by AIS
  • have not been referred previously by someone else; or
  • have not previously applied for a position at AIS

Candidates must demonstrate that they have:

  • The required qualifications,
  • A good employment record,
  • Valid status to work in USA and,
  • Can Pass the back ground check

The director of staffing will make the final determination regarding eligibility after the candidate applies and the application or resume has been received. Valid work authorization and back ground will be conducted prior to offering a position with AIS.

How do I refer someone?

The process of referring a candidate is simple. Just send an email with your details such as full name, email address and contact number along with the candidate resume to the If you refer more than one candidate at the same time, please attached the all candidates resume along with their contact details. You may refer someone only one time.

The applicant may also indicate that you referred them. When asked “How did you hear about this position?”

When am I eligible to receive the referral reward?

The referral reward will be made as a taxable, additional payment and will be given to you.

You are eligible to receive the reward:

  • If you submitted your referral prior to the time the candidate is offered an interview or the candidate indicated your referral;
  • When the person you referred is hired into a position included in this program; and
  • After the person you referred is employed for minimum six months with AIS.