Database Services

Database Services

Turn your organizational data into a strategic asset to making decision and grow your business with our database services

At the core of almost every application in your company lies a database. Databases provide the underlying support to your customer service, production operations, internal operations, sales, and marketing. From day-to-day operations to strategic decision making, your databases are the engines that drive your business. Database Services SQL Server technicians have the experience and skill sets you need to ensure that your database environments have high performance, security, and availability.

AIS offer a comprehensive set of well-defined enterprise database services. These services are focused on Desktop databases like MySQL, Access to enterprise database solutions like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and FileMaker Pro.

Database Management 

We provide comprehensive database service for following desktop and enterprise relational databases:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • DB2
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access
  • FileMaker Pro

Database Life Cycle Support

AIS experienced consultants can be involved at any phase of the Database Life Cycle:

Choosing the right database: Database comparison

AIS can help you in deciding to choose the right database for your organization depending on your requirements. The key factors used to evaluate different database.

  • Price/Performance
  • High Availability
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Security
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Developer productivity
  • Support of 3rd party tools

We can help you in putting together the optimum hardware solutions to host your organization’s database.

Database Architecture and Design

AIS can help you in designing your physical as well as logical design of your database. Our consultants have gathered experience designing fortune 500 company’s database ranging from 50 GB to 10 TB for OLTP, Data warehousing and Data Mart solutions.

Installation and Upgrade

Proper installation and configuration of any enterprise database software is no trivial task; it consist of numerous components and configuration options. Some of these configuration choices are not reversible and may have significant implications on the way your database performs. We pose the skills required to complete an efficient, successful and well-organized installation. In recognizing and understanding the critical installation decisions, we can help you plan the installation, determine the appropriate system resources required for optimal performance, follow recommended best practices, and efficiently configure the software.

Application Integration and Migration

We offer application integration as well as data migration services. The integration services are generally advisory in nature with an emphasis on educating your development staff on the best approaches for utilizing new structured data and/or new database features.

Data migration services offer clients the comfort of using our highly skilled staff to perform some of the most sensitive of tasks. AIS works with the client’s staff to migrate existing applications or data to other major database vendors such as from MS SQL Server or IBM DB2 to an Oracle platform, or vice versa. These tasks include ensuring proper data type conversions and database settings as well as, among other things, implementing the appropriate database and table space configurations.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Our performance enhancement services focus on maximizing the efficiency of your existing hardware and software resources. Our skilled consultants perform a detailed review of your database systems and the applications that run against them. We evaluate your storage infrastructure, database structures, application utilization patterns, memory sizing and consumption, and carefully examine your use of database indices and the appropriateness of your index types.

Once we’ve carried out a full analysis, we work with your system administrators, DBA’s, and developers to come to a cost effective and expedient performance enhancing solution. Additionally we offer customized training session for your DBA and/or development staff, focusing on proper index tuning, SQL evaluation, and SQL tuning techniques.

Backup and Recovery

The Back-up and Recovery Service entails one or more AIS’s consultants working either On-site or remotely to implement an enterprise quality and vendor (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft) recommended procedure for ensuring that, in the event of a catastrophe, your data can be quickly, safely, and fully recovered. AIS first review exactly how the database is being used by existing applications and how it might be used by future applications. Analysis of existing IT resources and backup strategies is undertaken next. Once all relevant information has been collected, AIS will design and implement a custom-tailored, multi-tiered Database Backup and Recovery strategy. Finally, before calling the job complete, AIS performs rigorous failure and recovery testing, ensuring that all implemented recovery processes in fact hold up under actual failure scenarios. It is suggested that the customer contract with AIS on a semi-annual basis so that the backup solution can be reviewed and tested for continued efficacy.

Database Security

AIS offer software as well as hardware security solutions to comply with SOX as well as to keep the data safe. Depending on the database size and activity various hardware and software solutions are recommended.